Southern comfort food meets Italian sphistication

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“are you calling me unsophisticated…?”
A little blend of our heritage, Michael and I (mostly Michael with the deep fryer tonight) made flaky fried Chicken Parmesan with Italian style tomatoes and fried okra- my favorite!

The potatoes are inspired by his adorable Sicilian grandmother’s fried potato slices with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and (our version) whatever Italian seasonings fall out of the cabinet first.

In spite of my recent health kick, fried food hit the spot perfectly tonight.


All things Texas Auction

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Interesting day at Burley’s auction in New Braunfels.
I’m realizing how hilariously little I know about guns. It shoots? Great! $3000? Why?
Oh wait, sorry for the fuzzy picture, but this pistol “shipped to Charles Goodnight in 1881” went for $26,000…?!
I clearly don’t get this.
Very cool taxidermy and old bookcases though!






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One happy by-product of harvest day at the World Hunger Relief Farm was this delicious home-made pizza!

I wish I’d snapped a picture of the lovely bunch of basil I brought home, but I did at least catch the end result.

Home-made Pizza

This was my first shot at pizza dough away from home (aww Mom always made it for me) and without a bread machine.  The first came out huge and puffy so I stretched the smaller two more. Flat. This one has fresh pepperoni, fresh basil leaves, mushrooms, and bell peppers.  I made a little vegan one for the roommate (no cheese) and one for M for the weekend so he wouldn’t starve.  (mildly successful, will leave cereal next time)

We enjoyed it with an interesting concoction of hand-squeezed watermelon juice and Moscato wine.  A week ago Michael and I ventured out to a nearby flea market I hadn’t explored (his wonderful idea) and picked up a pile of really cheap produce from Mexico, including two decent sized watermelons for $5!

He got bored one afternoon and decided to make hand squeezed watermelon juice (interesting..) but what to do with the pulp?

It had the consistency of ground beef, he noted, so he decided to bread it in cornmeal, fry it, add a little syrup and powdered sugar and surprise me with a watermelon pancake!

Watermelon Pancake

So very thoughtful! So…not very edible.  But this is the most creative food I’ve seen in a long time, so kudos. top that. hahaha…


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Work work work.  Isn’t that the opposite of summer?

While most days I get to gaze out at the heat from my over-air conditioned desk at a school district Child Nutrition office, I occasionally get to venture across the highway to the World Hunger Relief Farm for a morning of harvesting.  (Sometimes I get to move out there altogether!…for office work. But still, the laid-back farm atmosphere is refreshing, even without much a/c)

Harvest Day

The World Hunger Relief Farm is a farm with a mission to end hunger worldwide.  They research sustainable farming practices and equip adventurous people from all over the world who are daring enough to live on the farm, eat off the farm, and learn their skills.   They’re pretty legit.   The garden that we help harvest is part of a 60 share co-op and grows such interesting specimens as cowpea greens, peppers, beans, and basil to name a few….

Currently going on at the farm…they have an excessive number of bunnies 🙂 and cute grubby little pigs!  One of the guys at the farm has taken on nine pigs as a personal project.  He’s done a lot of mission work deep in Mexico and sought more sustainable methods of development than even building houses, so he came to the farm with his family to learn some tricks of the trade.  Pigs are very sustainable, as they will eat just about anything….but i was surprised to find that they’re sensitive little creatures too.  If you move them too often, if they’re lonely, or just over all sad…they die.  He keeps these pigs awfully happy with molasses and whey, and endless places to graze and wallow (indicated by their curly tails!).  I can’t imagine killing a pet and eating it (AH!) but with all the love he’s given these pigs he’ll just make someone else kill them – an inevitable occurence; when they’re happy with room to move and wallow they never over eat (surprise!) but they will grow and grow and grow….seemingly endlessly.  Anywho, at about nine months old they’re still cute:


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Life in this little corner of the world is going by so fast, but I’ve never been happier.

Michael and I are soaking up every bit of free time we can this summer, spending time in Waco, exploring Cameron Park, playing frolf (frisbee golf, aka “disc golf”) visiting friends and family, and even enjoying cooking together, because…why not? He’s quite the chef and it’s been a creative good time, plus a great break from wedding planning. Oh! That. We’re getting married in December! (It’s kind of the highlight of my year…err, life?) More of that to come, no worries.

In the meantime, here are some tasty inside out strawberry cheesecake bits I made:



Parisian Burger Night! (a la Waco).

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Reminiscent of McDonalds in Paris (which is so much better than it sounds) Michael and I made burgers with mozzarella and real lettuce on ciabatta bread. Mondays aren’t so bad after all!



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Our latest concoction: Herbed potatoes, steamed kale, and London style cod.